Click to enlargepadAsus CRW-5224A-U 52x24x52 CD-Rewriter External USB 2.0 Drive

The Thrill of Speed Combined with Absolute Stability. With ASUS innovative technologies such as FlextraLink, FlextraSpeedTM, and CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) ), as well as DDSSII for vibration and noise minimization.

ASUS CRW-5224A-U External CD-RW Drive
ASUS successfully took CD-RW technology to a whole new dimension with the ASUS CRW-5224A-U external drive. Featuring 52X write/24X rewrite/ 52X read, the CRW-5224A-U, with USB2.0 interface for high-speed data transfer and a nimble yet stylish casing, delivers a high-performance solution for portable data storage. The CRW-5224A-U further incorporates unique ASUS technologies FlextraLink, FlextraSpeed and DDSS II to provide a seamless fusion of flexibility, reliable recording quality and smooth operation.

Product Features:
  • Multi-Functions: 52X Write/24X Rewrite/52X Read
  • High-Speed Interface: USB2.0
  • Swift and Mobile Data Storage Solution
  • CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) Writing Strategy
  • FlextraLink Buffer Underrun Errors Prevention Technology
  • FlextraSpeed Optimal Writing Speed Adjustment Technology
  • Superior Stability with DDSS II (2nd Generation Double Dynamic Suspension System)
  • Proprietary AI Auto Speed Adjustment Technology
  • Swift Data Recording: Burn a Full 650MB CD in 2 and Half Minutes
  • High-Speed DAE (Max. 52X) and VCD Data Extraction Supported
  • Supports Multi-Format and O/S Compatibility
  • Supports Mt. Rainier
  • Windows XP Logo Certified
  • Vertical and Horizontal (+5 ~ -5) Mounting Available
  • Unique Dust-Proof and Noise-Control Design

Availability: Usually Ships the Same Business day.

Asus CRW-5224A-U 52x24x52 CDRW External USB 2.0 Drive CDR-ASUS-5224AUSBpadRegular price: $159.00padSale price: $141.00pad

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