padSound Blaster LIVE !  5.1 Sound Card

The Most Complete Digital 5.1 Audio Solution for Music, Movies, and Games

Creative Lab SoundBlaster LIVE! 5.1 Sound cards/adapters, OEM. Model No. SB0220. The Sound Blaster Live! brings cinema quality sound to your movies, music, and games with digital 5.1 clarity. Driven by the powerful EMU10K1 Digital Signal Processor, you will experience the highest quality sound reproduction with real-time audio and effects. The Sound Blaster Live! includes Creative PlayCenter with a full 320kbps encoder and 9X MP3 acceleration, making it fast and easy to create, customize and listen to quality MP3/WMA files. With the ability to connect to Dolby Digital and multi-channel digital speaker systems or analog audio devices, you can experience true 5.1 surround sound with all PC audio entertainment. Creative Multi-Speaker Surround (CMSS) mode lets you experience 5.1 audio from a stereo signal, or enjoy movies in Dolby Digital 5.1 audio when connected to digital 6-channel speakers or analog Dolby Digital-ready home stereo receivers.

For riveting movies, music, and games with digital 5.1 audio quality - take advantage of the Sound Blaster Live! Experience real-time digital audio and effects with head-turning 3D positional audio from the EMU10K1 Digital Signal Processor, Create CD quality MP3 or WMA files with a 320kbps encoder and up to 9X encoding acceleration, Surround yourself with theater-like Dolby Digital 5.1 audio in movies, Easily connect to Cambridge SoundWorks DTT3500, DTT2200, and other Dolby Digital-ready 5.1 home theater systems.

Specifications: Wave-Table Synthesis E-mu Systems, Inc. EMU10K1 music synthesis engine, 64-voice hardware polyphony with E-mu's patented 8-point interpolation technology, Uses SoundFont Bank technology for user-definable wave-table sample sets which include 2MB and 4MB sets, Load up to 32MB of samples into host memory for professional music reproduction, Scalable PCI wave-table synthesis architecture with multi-timbre capability, 48 MIDI channels with 128 GM & GS compatible instruments and 10 drum kits; Effects Engine E-mu Systems, Inc. EMU10K1 patented effects processor, Support for real-time digital effects like reverb, chorus, flanger, pitch shifter, or distortion across any audio source, Capable of processing, mixing and positioning audio streams using up to 131 available hardware channels, Full digital mixer maintains all sound mixing in the digital domain, eliminating noise from the signal, Customizable effects architecture allows new audio effects to be downloaded from the Web, Full bass, treble and effects controls available for all audio sources; EAX and 3D Audio Technology User-selectable settings are optimized for headphones, two, four or 5.1 speakers, Dolby Digital audio decoding to 5.1 speaker channels in analog or digital modes, Upgradeable 3D audio architecture allows for improvements over time, Accelerates Microsoft DirectSound and DirectSound 3D, Hardware acceleration of EAX in games, Creative Multi Speaker Surround (CMSS) technology places any mono or stereo source in a 360?audio space, EAX preset effects: user-selectable DSP modes that stimulate acoustic environments; Hollywood-Quality, 32-Bit Digital Audio Engine Processes bit resolutions from 4-bit to 16-bit, Processes sample rates from 5kHz to 48kHz, All sound sources are bundled with 32-bit precision for highest quality output, Analog and digital I/O modes supported, Hardware full duplex support enables simultaneous record and playback at 8 standard sample rates, Utilizes AC '97 Audio Codec; MIDI Interface/Joystick Port Supports Sound Blaster MIDI and MPU-401 modes, IBM compatible 15-pin joystick port with analog support, Support for digital and DirectInput game devices; On-Board Connectors Analog/Digital Out (Analog Center & Subwoofer/6-channel S-PDIF Output), Line In, Microphone In, Line Level Out (front)/Headphone Out, Line Level Out (rear), MIDI/Joystick port, Telephone Answering Device In, MPC-3 Analog CD Audio In, Digital CD Audio In, Expansion header for Live! Drive series or Optical Digital I/O card 2(available separately).

Works with the Following Standards: Windows 95, 98, 98SE, NT4.0, 2000 and Millennium Edition, General MIDI, MPC-3, Plug and Play, Sound Blaster PCI, EAX, Microsoft DirectSound, DirectSound 3D and derivatives, PCI 2.1 compliant, AC '97 compliant, Dolby Digital.

Minimum System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 95, 98, 98SE, NT 4.0, 2000, or Millennium Edition; Genuine Intel Pentium 166MHz or AMD 200 MHz; Genuine Intel, AMD or 100% compatible motherboard chipset; 32MB system RAM (64MB recommended); Open half-length PCI 2.1 compliant slot; A CD-ROM drive is required for software installation; Headphones or amplified speakers.

Availability: Usually Ships the Same Business day.

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