Click to enlargepadMSI GeForce FX5200/8x TDR128 AGP 128M DDR w/TV-Out/DVI

MSI Part No. MS-8907 Specification Chipset Features ? CineFX Shading Architecture Support for DX 9.0 Pixel/Vertex Shader 2.0+ Very long pixel programs up to 1024 instructions Very long vertex programs with up to 256 static instructions and up to 65536 instructions executed before termination Full instruction set for vertex and pixel programs

  • High-Performance, High-Precision, 3D Rendering Engine 8 pixels per clock rendering engine 128-bit, studio-quality floating point precision through the entire graphics pipeline DirectX and S3TC texture compression
  • High-Performance 2D Rendering Engine Optimized for 32-, 24-, 16-, 15- and 8-bpp modes True-color, 64x64 hardware cursor with alpha Multi-buffering (double, triple or quad) for smooth animation and video playback
  • Advanced Display Pipeline with Full nView Capabilities Dual, 400MHz RAMDACs for display resolutions up to and including 2048x1536@85Hz Integrated NTSC/PAL TV encoder support resolutions up to 1024x768 without the need for panning with built-in Macrovision copy protection DVD and HDTV-ready MPEG-2 decoding up to 1920x1080i resolutions Dual DVO ports for interfacing to external TMDS transmitters and external HDTV encoders
  • Digital Vibrance control (DVC) 3.0 DVC color controls DVC image sharpening controls
  • Rocket Science For a System-Level Solution 0.15u process technology for higher levels of integration and higher operating clock speeds Advanced thermal monitoring and thermal management AGP 8X including fast writes and sideband addressing
  • Operation Systems and API support Windows XP / 2000 / Me / NT all / 98 / 95 Linux compatible Complete DirectX support, including DirectX 9.0 and lower Full OpenGL 1.4 and lower Compatibility ? NVIDIA Unified Driver Architecture (UDA) ? WHQL-certified for Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows 2000 ? Complete

    Linux XFree86 drivers

    Supports super high resolution graphics modes

    640x480 8/16/32 bit colors with 150Hz 800x600 8/16/32 bit colors with 150Hz 1024x768 8/16/32 bit colors with 120Hz 1152x864 8/16/32 bit colors with 120Hz 1280x1024 8/16/32 bit colors with 100Hz 1600x1200 8/16/32 bit colors with 85Hz 1920x1200 8/16/32 bit colors with 75Hz 2048x1536 8/16/32 bit colors with 60Hz

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    MSI GeForce FX5200/8x TDR128 AGP 128M DDR w/TV-Out/DVI VID-MSI-GFX52UTRApadRegular price: $279.00padSale price: $219.00pad

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