Click to enlargepadChipmax PCI 8M Video Card Savage IX chipset

** S3 Savage IX PCI Video Card **

For those seeking high-quality, affordable video performance from a PCI video card, look no further. This S3 IX video card offers outstanding performance at a great price.

--> General Features: - S3 Savage IX chipset - 8MB RAM - PCI interface - Standard 15-pin VGA connector

--> Retail Box Includes: - PCI video card - General User's Manual - Driver on CD-ROM


** Requirements **

* Pentium II System or better * Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/2000/ME * Available PCI slot * Standard 15-pin SVGA monitor * CD-ROM drive (to load driver)

Availability: Usually Ships the Same Business day.

Chipmax PCI 8M Video Card Savage IX chipset VID-CPMX-SVGPCI8MpadRegular price: $29.00padSale price: $15.99pad

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