Seagate Serial ATA ST3120023AS/ST3120026AS 120GB Hard Drive, w/ 8MB Cache, 150MByte/s, OEM

Seagate Technology, A Native in Serial ATA Still in its early market entry stage, Serial ATA provides immediate benefits to desktop users. Serial ATA, an innovative new interface, allows continued performance growth, enhanced data reliability, and overall improved system dynamics above and beyond what Parallel can efficiently continue to provide. A true "Native" Serial ATA solution offers customers the "Real McCoy" in Serial ATA technology. By implementing Serial ATA technology, not only on the physical layer of the drive, but also in the ATA controller link and transport layers, Seagate drives can communicate from the drive to the host directly up to the full 150MB/sec speed on the bus. In addition, the native solution incorporates command queueing, which can be a big performance boost in operating systems that can take advantage of that type of function. Some drive manufacturers may not immediately offer these "native" Serial ATA features on their 1st generation Serial ATA drives due to the difficulty of this integration. Native Serial ATA= 150MB/sec bus speed, command queueing support, super-set feature ready (first party DMA) -A True Serial ATA Controller, Not Just A Translator. Models: ST3120023AS or ST3120026AS.

  • Best-in-class nonoperating shock for excellent reliability
  • Best combination of performance, acoustics and robustness
  • <2.4 bels idle acoustics- the industry's best
  • Platform based on the highly reliable Barracuda ATA IV disc drive
  • 3D Defense System for world's best drive and data protection
  • SoftSonic FDB motor on every drive
  • World's first desktop storage platform to support native Serial ATA.

    Availability: Usually Ships the Same Business day.

    Seagate Serial ATA ST3120023AS/ST3120026AS 120GB Hard Drive, w/ 8MB Cache, 150MByte/s, OEM HD-SEAG-3120026ASpad$113.00pad

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